About The Events

Sadhguru’s visit to IIT Bombay is a part of a national movement under the name ‘Youth and Truth’, which is aimed at helping the youth to discover their true potential

The short promo video of the Youth and Truth Series is here, check it out


Convocation Hall,IIT Bombay


Starts at 5:00 PM

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Event is free and open to all IIT Bombay students, staff, faculties and residents.Registration is not mandatory, but for more update regarding to this event you may register here:

Registration Form for outside students

Ask questions to Sadhguru

You can ask your questions to Sadhguru on the following Facebook event page:

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It’s best if you use the #UnplugWithSadhguru hashtag while posting your questions. The most popular questions will be asked to Sadhguru on the day of the event. In case you wish to post questions anonymously, you can post your questions on the following link:

Questions Asked by Students

Q 1

In today's era impact of bad energies like selfishness, hatred, corruption is increasing day by day. How to deal with this?

- Vishal Kokadwar

Q 2

How we can stay always free without tension?


Q 3

How to be less mechanical and more productive in life? How can be become more creative and aware? As a youth, how can we make full use of unlimited and never exhausting potential? How to get rid of 'all time confused state of mind' and increase decision making power?

- Abhishek Singh

Q 4

Namaskaram Sadhguru, Is marriage compulsory for me, How can I go beyond my body?

- Anonymous

Q 5

Students are under tremendous pressure to perform. How do they handle peer pressure with our affecting their personality?

- Sheeja Vasudevan,