Yogastha (meaning "established in yoga") is Wellness Club as an institute body under students' Gymkhana at IIT Bombay. Since its' inception on 1st International Day of Yoga (21st June 2015), the club is working towards a stress-free, peaceful campus community covering all wellness aspects as physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, etc.
Since then the club is actively conducting weekly sessions and other events.

Regular Yoga and Meditation Sessions

The club conducts Yoga and Meditation training cum practice sessions every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Well trained yoga practitioners from the campus lead the sessions.
To break from the routine, we invite a professional trainer to conduct a specialized sessions once in every 2-3 weeks.

For the latest updates check our upcoming events page.

Regular sessions

The aim of conducting free regular sessions is to inculcate basic traditional yoga practices among the campus community. In these regular sessions, the core team members themselves lead and offer training to the learners of yoga. There are no prerequisites for attending the regular sessions and anyone from the campus is welcome to join anytime. The timing and day of the session may vary depending on the other Yogastha activities. Any changes in timing is notified in the Yogastha google group and facebook page.

Generally the timings of the regular sessions are as follows:

Monday: 6:45 - 7:45 AM
Wednesday: 6:45 - 7:45 AM
Friday: 6:45 - 7:45 AM

Special Sessions

The special sessions are conducted to celebrate special occasions or short yoga workshops on certain aspects significant to our campus community. One such session was the Mother’s day special focusing on yoga for women which had huge participation from the ladies in our campus.

Further, Surya namaskar (sun salutation) sessions focused on Surya namaskar are conducted in preparation for the 108 surya namaskar challenge during International yoga day celebrations. Another session chair yoga and neck and spinal cord focused on improving the sitting posture and taught a few table top asanas which can improve our working efficiency.

On the occasion of Teacher's day (5th Sept) special session was conducted for our highly talented teachers. This session focused on asanas and pranayams which can be easily incorporated within their busy schedules and practiced inside office environment.


Yogastha Club in association with the Sports Council of IIT Bombay conducts camps such as Summer School of Yoga, Power Yoga and Yoga Fusion. In these camps, a professional yoga practitioners/teachers are invited and they train the registered participants who have enrolled in the camps with a registration fee. Recently, some advanced camps like Acro Yoga, Gymnastics Yoga and Contortion Yoga have also been launched.


Yogastha conducts Lecture Series on Yoga where guest lectures/talks by eminent researchers and practitioners in the field of yoga are organized to obtain detailed and well researched information about yoga and its benefits. Dr. S. D. Bhalekar, Dr. Shikha Sharma, Dr. Shirley Telles and Dr. Ganesh Rao have been our recent distinguished speakers.


A special acclaimed movie, History of Yoga - the Path of my Ancestors was screened at IIT Bombay on 14th June 2017 just prior to the International Yoga Day.

And sometimes, we do go for side events like tree plantation drives making our campus greener; and T-shirt design competition for Yoga enthusiasts in campus.

International Day of Yoga 2019

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on 21st June every year.
In 2019, a full week of yoga from 14th to 21st June was celebrated including various yoga related activities. The activities included movie screening, lecture on Yoga, practice sessions for Yogathon Challenge and Common Yoga Protocol at various places in campus. More than 400 campus residents participated in various activities.

International Day of Yoga 2018

In 2018, Yogastha Club organized, a first of its kind, full Yoga Week culminating in the practice of Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and Yogathon Challenge on the event day. The Common Yoga Protocol (CYP), which is issued by the AYUSH MINISTRY, was conducted so that the people could get some basic information about various asanas and pranayama. Yogathon is a challenge of doing 108 Suryanamaskars at one go. Practice sessions were offered for both.

International Day of Yoga 2015

Yoga day of 2015 is special to Yogastha because it was officially launched on this day. Movie screening and Yogathon Challenge were organized. Director of the Institute was the Chief Guest.
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