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About Us

Yogastha (meaning "established in yoga") is a Yoga and Wellness Club under the Students' Gymkhana at IIT Bombay. Since its inception on the 1st International Day of Yoga (21st June 2015), the club has been working towards creating a stress-free, peaceful campus community by addressing all aspects of wellness, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being. The club actively conducts weekly sessions and other events to promote these goals. Our tagline: समत्वं योग उच्यते| (Samatvam Yog Uchyate: ‘Equanimity is Yoga’).

Yoga camps & workshops

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Workshop

Pranayam Workshop

Pranayam & Kriya Workshop

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga Workshop


Destress Workshop

Flexibility Workshop

Flexibility Workshop


Yogathon Practice session

scientific talks & Lectures

A talk by Sri M

Yoga-rejuvenating the Mind and Body


Youth and Truth

Talk by- Prof. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa

Talk on YOGA : The Science and Biomedical Research

International Day of Yoga

IDY 2019

International Day of Yoga 2019

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on 21st June every year. In 2019, a full week of yoga from 14th to 21st June was celebrated including various yoga related activities. The activities included movie screening, lecture on Yoga, practice sessions for Yogathon Challenge and Common Yoga Protocol at various places in campus. More than 400 campus residents participated in various activities.

IDY 2018

International Day of Yoga 2018

In 2018, Yogastha Club organized, a first of its kind, full Yoga Week culminating in the practice of Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and Yogathon Challenge on the event day. The Common Yoga Protocol (CYP), which is issued by the AYUSH MINISTRY, was conducted so that the people could get some basic information about various asanas and pranayama. Yogathon is a challenge of doing 108 Suryanamaskars at one go. Practice sessions were offered for both.

IDY 2015

International Day of Yoga 2015

Yoga day of 2015 is special to Yogastha because it was officially launched on this day. Movie screening and Yogathon Challenge were organized. Director of the Institute was the Chief Guest.





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Manager, Yogastha

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Manager, Yogastha

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